Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy based, role-playing game where players act as courageous knights, powerful wizards or any number of characters. As these characters, kids and their friends work together through an adventure to find wondrous treasure, battle deadly foes, solve dangerous puzzles or work their way through a complex dungeon maze.

Dungeons and Dragons provides opportunities for kids to practice social skills, grow their imagination and learn to think critically and creatively.  This camp gives kids an opportunity to get away from their phones, I-pads and video games, and engage with other kids in real life, working together to achieve a common goal all while having a blast. 

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Parent Testimonials

“My son just recently started playing D&D and he couldn’t stop talking about it on the ride home. I honestly could not understand what he was talking about, but I was so happy to see him excited about a new experience.”
Yvette - mother of a new player
“Both my daughter and son enjoy the collaboration with other children, especially figuring out the puzzles and the challenges the game provides. My son has tried being a “dungeon master” for the first time recently putting him in a leadership role with his friends. The more he plays, the more confidence he has in his own abilities - both within the game, and also in real life.”
Dave - father of two
“In an age of personal computers and cell phones, its refreshing for my boys to have an activity where they are removed from that and escape into an imaginary world. I would thoroughly recommend any child, boy or girl, to try D&D. I know your child will love it!”
Shelly - mother of two